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Tel: 02 9398 9478 (AU) - Feb to March
Wedding pictures and portraits in black and white or colour
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Informal Childrens Portraits
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Hi everyone...

I had a great time in Perth as always and finally here are the photographs...

So here we go... you photographs are ready for viewing and ordering.

You will have your own log in name and password which you will need to use to view and order your photographs. This will have been emailed seperately to you.

Each photograph comes with its own individual number directly underneath the photograph.

To order you will need to state your name and the number of the photograph and the size you require and how many copies.

The photographs will be printed are presented 5x7 on a 6x8, 6x8 on a 10x8 etc.

The prices are:
5x7 = $23.00
6x8 = $28.00
10x8 = $33.00
10x12 = $40.00
12x16 = $50.00

Happy choosing and email me if you have any questions.

Take care... jojo

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